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Dolly Digital is essentially a wrapper around the things I do with my digital gear. It's interesting to note that I have many interests and digital technology has created a convergence. It is essentially the project I've given to my desktop down at ground zero in Freeport PA within South Buffalo township (affectionately referred to "Down in tha SBT" for that "G" appeal).

Dolly Digital means several things outside of that: It's an attitude, a lifestyle, a certification, and just something fun to play around with. After all why do something if you don't have fun doing it?

What I like to do is to shed the spotlight on what works and what doesn't in the digital realm. Thanks to digital publishing technology it's dead easy to get items posted for public consumption so that all details are given as to what makes a product technology cool or something that is defective and should be avoided at all costs.

What I'll be offering up is an insider's view as to what works and what doesn't. The site will be comprised of ASCII plaintext PGP-signed press releases, download links and quick access to the tools I recommend and enjoy. That will also make the site much more full of content and very easy to maintain in the long term. I've seen too much shoddy and crippled technology peddled by big corporations that have made individual consumers the enemy in the light of their technical support. I've had enough of that cold form of hostility and am going to kick that right back at 'em. I want to do my part to help expose this nonsense and give the users something to fight back with: Tools and knowledge.

Dolly Digital is strongly opposed to DRM (digitally restricted media) and all copy-protection schemes. All of this added nonsense doesn't add to the value to the product at all. In fact it's meant to cripple it further by reducing the functionality of the product the user paid their hard-earned money for in the first place. It has reached the point that now this crippleware is seen as "legitimate" yet poses more risks to the users' purchases, property and their own security as opposed to the "pirated" versions which are available elsewhere with such restrictions stripped.

That's an irony for you: The industry shoots its entire lower torso off by deliberately crippling and creating unsafe products. Meanwhile the clean stuff is available elsewhere with such inconveniences removed. It just so happens that the clean and safe stuff is traded via digital networks via the Internet. It's the industry which has failed to grasp that idea and instead of ditching the futility of DRM altogether is willing to pursue and censor through expensive litigation and political coups.

And it's not just digital media. A tragic example is the current addiction treatment industry which deliberately cripples its clients with a pro-addiction religious ideology that makes them slaves to the system. My site, The ARID Site, exposed this long ago and serves as a vital resource from an insider about what's wrong with it all and what one can do about it.

So the entire idea is about putting freedom first. And with that freedom comes great responsibility. As long as you don't harm another nonconsenting human being and/or the property they own then you are free to do as you like in the privacy of your own residence. I certainly dislike snoops and people who know nothing trying to tell me or others what I can or cannot do with my tools. And if my tools are old but are still functional yet are unsupported I see no problem in making them available.

Likewise, I'm against censorship. We need to be fully informed or our own democracy will suffer. And democracy is a double-edged sword: When it is sharpened with vital knowledge and a well-informed populace then it can swiftly get the job done and cut through the bullshit. It dulls when the status quo is apathetic and chooses to remain ignorant or rely on supersitious and outmoded terroristic fearmongering and gossip. Facts are what we need and the powers-that-be are fearful of how ugly some of those facts are. Science and fearless exploration with an insatiable curiosity with no blindfold of dogmatic nonsense can help lead the way out of the darkness.

So stay tuned! Dolly Digital is going to be an interesting project! ;)

Be well and live well one LIFETIME at a time! And have a glovely latex day!

--Mark D. Baum and RubberBekki aka "Bekki Doll"
2009-03-07 (Domain born 2008/03/01)

P.S. I have no connection with and Dolly Faibyshev but it is a great site by a fantastic photographer. Her work is exceptional!

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